Brunei York Society



Since its establishment in 2009, BruYork society has grown into a ratified community-based organization comprising mainly of Bruneian students studying at the University of York and York College.

Our main objective is to offer support and welfare to all Bruneian students within our jurisdiction and to form connections in the form of friendship with other Brunei-UK societies. Also, the society is currently working toward realizing our goal of connecting and fostering friendly relationships with the larger student body of York through various collaborations and social means.

Heslington, York YO10 5DD (University of York)


OR (Secretary)

Committee members:
President: Raihan Haji Abdul Rahim  /
Vice-President: Ak Syafi Al-Waly Pg. Abu Bakar  /
Secretary: Shereen Kahar /
Treasurer: Dk Nurul Hanisah Pg.Hj Azhar  /
Religious Officer: Zulfa Syifaa’ Binti Zulkifli  /
Media Officer: Nor Fatin Farwizah Haji Mohammad Nor Ariffin  /
Sports Officer: Dk Akmal Nadzeera Pg. Haji Kamaludin  /
Advisor: Hanan Najwa Haji Mohammad Som /