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Bruneian Nottingham Society or in short, BruNotts Society is a fully student run society. BruNotts was established in 2003 by its first founding Committee and is registered under the Brunei Students Unit in London and as well as being officially affiliated to the University of Nottingham’s Student Union.

The society was set up to act as a support network. It aims to oversee students’ welfare and education as well as to create a sense of familiarity and an atmosphere of togetherness within foreign surroundings.

BruNotts also acts as an officially body through which prospective students can refer to concerning courses offered by the Universities and Colleges within Nottingham or any other general information about Nottingham or the UK.

Amongst many things, BruNotts also organises various social activities in line with the Bruneian National Ideology of MIB such as the National Day Celebration, Hari Raya Celebration, Iftaar and so on. The society has always aimed to retain and promote the Bruneian identity.

BruNotts membership is open to all and currently their member consists of students from the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University to the rest of UK.

City of Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Current Committee Members:
President: Nur Syarfa Syazwana Binti Ahmadyani
Vice President: Muhammad Fuad Azzam Haji Latip
General Secretary: Noor Azimah Binti Haji Abu Bakar
Treasurer: Dalilah Rauqah Binti Haji Laidin
IT Officer: Mohd Hafiz Hilmy
Welfare, Health and Logistics Officer: Nurnadiah Binti Haji Osman
Male Religious Officer: Ak Syazwan Pg Sulaiman
Female Religious Officer: Nur Rahmani Haji Roslan
Male Sports Secretary: Gary Chia Yau Seng
Female Sports Secretary: Aunina Raihaan Haji Rusli
Social and Public Relation Officer: Siti Raihanah Asy-Syahidah Haji Sa’adi