Brunei Essex Society



Essentially we are a society of Bruneians from Brunei, a small country in Southeast Asia, with a tradition of making Bruneian feel home in the United Kingdom: a first-choice destination for higher education including the University of Essex. We want to continue this tradition by having BruEssex as a union of diversely talented and skilled Bruneians from our university campuses at Colchester (main campus), Southend and Loughton.



  • To promote, protect and represent the interests of Brunei Students in the University.
  • To promote, encourage and activate intellectual, literary, social, cultural, religious and sports activities.
  • To foster harmony and unity among Bruneians and the members of the University as well as other societies as a whole.


  • To encourage the representation and participation of members with other societies on varying levels.
  • To inculcate a youthful culture and mould young ambassadors of Brunei and the University.
  • To support the members of the society by providing welfare services and active independent event planning.
  • To seek and maintain harmony with other student bodies and other organisations.
  • To promote and project the identity of Brunei.
Colchester, Essex.
Instagram: @bruessex
Twitter: @bruessex
Committee members:
President: Halimah Radin Mas Basiuni @ Mohamad Basiuni
Vice President: Sharifah Nur Baqiyah Malai Shahran
Secretary: Ahmad Muqri Adi Marhain
Treasurer: Amal Afiqah Binti Mohamad Jefri
Social Secretary & Welfare Officer: Mohammad Yusri Dato Paduka Hj Md Said
Sports Secretary: Norbarizah Hj Maidin
Religious Officer (M): Alli Izzuddin Bakir
Religious Officer (F): Rasyidahatul Adawiyah Hj Abu Bakar

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