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BruKent society was established in February 2010 by its co-founding committee and has gradually increased in members over the past few years for both Canterbury and Medway campuses. Kent is home to roughly about 50 Bruneian students ranging from those doing their undergraduates to postgraduates. The society is led by a student committee working together throughout the academic year to organize islamic, sport, social and cultural based events reflecting upon Brunei’s principle, Melayu Islam Beraja. The society hopes to increase ties amongst its members and aims to create a familiar environment despite being miles away from home through the unity of Bruneian students in the United Kingdom.
University of Kent, Canterbury / University of Kent, Medway.
Committee members for 2015/2016 sessions: 
President: Iffah Muzri

Vice President: Aeny A. Zullizam

Secretary: Aeny A. Zullizam
Public Relations Officer: Azim Lamit
Treasurer: Lai Ling Ling
Religious and Welfare Officer: Hanny Yussof
Recreation Officer: Dzulfadhli Bahrin
Medway Representative: Andi Aziz
BruKent performing a cultural number at the International Showcase World Fest Competition in University of Kent.


  • Posted 17th October 2011 BruKent 11:40 pm


    I have sent the updated list for the committee names of 2011/2012 @ your General Enquiries email.

    • Posted 29th October 2011 Intan Syamimi 6:41 pm

      Waalaikumsalam BruKent,

      Thank you for your e-mail. I have sent an email to your gmail regarding this.

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