Brunei Keele Society





The history of Brukeele goes a long way and is formally known to portray a sense of unity as depicted in the 2012 newly improvised logo. The logo, which illustrated ‘Bunga Simpur’ was used as a metaphor to show a representation of unity and derived not only from the committees but also by the inclusion of members. This year we try to connect with everyone using different means of communication. Hence, we created Instagram, Broadcast List (Messages and Whatsapp) to connect with all members in case of emergency or any updates.

Keele University, ST5 5BG



Committee Members for 2016/17 sessions:
President: Alfred Chong Chun Kiat
Vice President: Siti Nurin Bari’ah bte Hj Muhd Sabirin
General Secretary: Afifah Syamimi Yanam
Welfare Officer: Hajah Nur Hazirah Wahidah binti Haji Roslan
Male Religious Officer: Shaikh Syahmi bin Shaikh haji Fadilah
Female Religious Officer: Nuur Afiqah ‘Izzati @Izzul Farahain bte Haji Zulkiflee
IT 1: Azmina Azma’in
IT 2: Khairul Izzul Zaini



Keele Khatam Quran 2015/16