BruNotts Serrundding wins BruEire Talentime

On behalf of BruEire:

“Alhamdulillah. BruÉire Talentime 2018 has just ended with success!

Here is the results:

Champion: BruNotts Serrundding @brunottsofficial
2nd runner-up: Team Blank @brumingham
3rd runner-up: Amal Afiqah @bruessex

We, BruÉire Society, would like to thank each and everyone of you for yet another amazing year for BruÉire Talentime!

Special thanks to @bsunion1959 and UPP for supporting our event from the start

A million thanks to our official sponsor @jameshonedu for your support again this year

Not to forget, our sincerest gratitude to our honourable judges @putrinorizah, @hans.anuar and @djdaffy for inspiring all of us!

Last but not least, congratulations and thank you to all our participants for sharing you dreams! Without you, BruÉire Talentime would not have taken off. Your videos have been such a motivation to us in BruÉire Society and hopefully everyone else feels the same too!

Thank you everyone for your endless support towards BruÉire Talentime. Your support means a lot to us!

Hopefully, we’ll see you again next year In sha Allah

Till next time!
– BruÉire Society
🎵: Never Enough (inspired by none other than our very own champion of BruÉire Talentime 2018 😉 @brunottsofficial)

#BruÉireTalentime2018 #BruÉireTalentime#Dreams”